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Norwegian Forest Kitten

Forestfriend and her superb Norwegian Forest Cats and Kittens


We are registered with the GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and Tica (The International Cat Association) Please look around, To find out if the Norwegian Cat is for you look at our page about the fantastic Norwegian breed.(The Norwegian)

A Norwegian Forest kitting being 'sassy'
Meow give me some colour and run your mouse over this picture!

If you wish to follow us and watch what we are doing then please look at our FACEBOOK Page where you can find out about our Show news along with any kitten we might have.

Join in the converstions if you wish, if you do decide the Norwegian is for you then please fill out the contact form/ kitten request form.

No requests are taken seriously until this is filled out as it holds all the details we need to register the kittens microchip and paperwork

All of our kittens are assigned their slaves after careful grooming, this includes microchipping and neutering. So they leaver home between 13 and 14 weeks old. All are indoor cats only under contract.