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Norwegian Forest Kitten

Forestfriend and her superb Norwegian Forest Cats and Kittens

The Norwegian Cat,

So you are interested in being the owner of a Norwegian Forest on to find out more about this wild, beautiful and historic breed and to find out if this breed is the one for you

Norwegian Forest cats supposedly travelled onboard with the Vikings on their longboats to keep the rodent stowaways under control. Along with being a large natural breed, they come with a beautiful long shaggy type double coat, with amazing long guard hairs to do just that and to protect their coat from the harsh weather conditions in their natural forest habitat and also an amazing woolly undercoat that keeps them both warm and dry in the snow and ice.

. In the winter their coats become much thicker and dense, complete with a majestic ruff , snowshoes, knickerbockers, huge bushy tail and lovely ear furnishings again to keep blowing debris and ice cold air from their ears, .no woolly hats or scarves needed for these guys and gals.

A Norwegian Forest kitting being 'sassy'
The gang ...A bunch of inocent looking Nortwegian Forest Kittens!

In the warmer months many will lose most of their winter coats and protection, this enables them to keep cool for when we do eventually have a summer, but no worries folks their magnificent cats will return come the cooler months. Their large muscular bodies are not for the faint hearted to carry about but again they are built for climbing, jumping and hunting, no weedy wimps in this breed, large cat climbing towers are a must for them to conquer within the home.